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Kolisko Validation Process

  1. The Kolisko Validation™ Method: Improving the Quality Control of Homeopathically Potentized OTC Drugs- Click here for summary

Boswellia Experiments

  1. Boswellia Bioavailability – Click here for Summary of Pilot

Chromatography Experiments

  1. Boswellia 3k chromatographic picture- Click here
  2. Lightroot™ chromatography (1)- Click here
  3. Lightroot™ chromatography (2)- Click here

Germination Experiments

Experimental behavior of more than 200 substances to date have been analyzed by the germination method in order to find out which potencies are the more active for each specific substance. Only a few examples are shown below as illustration of this work.

  1. Preliminary germination trial – Click here for Video
  2. Thyroid germination experiment – Click here
  3. Phosphorus B germination experiment – Click here 
  4. Phosphorus D germination experiment – Click here
  5. Astragalus germination experiment – Click here 
  6. Mercurius germination experiment – Click here 
  7. Natrium mur germination experiment – Click here 
  8. Viscum album (quercus autumnale) germination experiment – click here

Germination Photos/Videos

  1. Meso-Copper Potencies study – August 2011 Photos – Showing the effects that various potencies of Meso-Copper have on the germination of wheat seeds – Click here
  2. Meso-Copper Potencies Study August 2011 Video – Click here